North Coast Railroad Authority

Five-Year Business Plan




Executive Summary


  I.       Sources of Funding

A.    Existing Private Funding Sources

1.     Freight Service - Rail-Ways, Inc.

2.     Passenger Service – California Redwood Coast

              3.   Property Management

B.    Existing Government Funding Sources That Have Been Utilized, That Have

Funding Still Available, Other Than Loans

  1.   AB2782

               2.   Proposition 116

               3.   Transit Capital Improvement Program

               4.   Department of Fish and Game

             5.   Federal Highway Administration Signal Maintenance Funds

      6.   ISTEA

               7.   Federal Emergency Management Agency/ California Emergency                 



II.       Uses of Funds                                                                                

A.   NCRA Operating Expenses

B.   Existing Liabilities  

1.   Accounts Payable, Judgments and Other Claims, Highway Crossing 


     2.   Government Funding Sources – Used to Fund Acquisitions and Past       

                    Rail Projects with Obligations for Repayment Outstanding

                   a.   City of Willits Loan

                b.   Redwood Regional Economic Development Corp. Loan

c.      Federal Highway Administration Right-of-Way Revolving (Q)


  d.   Community Disaster Loan – FEMA

C.    Anticipated Expenditures

1.  Track and Structure Rehabilitation, Equipment Acquisition

2.  Environmental Remediation

3.  Storm Damage/Disaster Repairs

4.    FRA Emergency Order Work

III.       Economic Development Opportunities

A.   Opportunities for Growth of Freight Traffic

 1.  Port of Humboldt Bay

 2.  Movement of Waste and Various Bulk Commodities

                    3.  Other Freight Opportunities

             B.   Problems Inherent in Truck Service to Humboldt County Which Support

 the Need for Rail Service   

C.   Widespread Support for NCRA

D.   Sensitivity Analyses – Private Funding Sources  

E.     1.  Freight     

                   2.  Passenger    

 3.  Property Management

 4.  Summary

       E.    Discussion of Possible Future Funding Sources

                   1.   The Railroad Climate in California

              2.   Government Programs to Explore/Funds to Access

                a.   TEA-21

                          b.  Congestion Mitigation Air Quality Program et al related to Humboldt


                          c.  Natural Disaster Assistance Act      

  d.  State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), SB45, Regional   

       Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP)

                          e.  Local Rail Freight Assistance Program

                          f.   Other

               3.   Conversions of Loans to Grants   

                     a.   Federal Highway Administration Right-of-Way Revolving Fund

                     b.   Community Disaster Loan     

               4.   Private - Federal Income Tax Benefit Pass Through   

               5.   Summary – Potential Impact on the Business Plan

F.    Regional Impact    

                   Financial Implications for California, Federal Agencies, Business,

                      Communities, Environment if NCRA Ceases to Exist.

       G.    Long Term Opportunities



IV        Management Discussion      

A.    The NCRA’s Mandate

B.    Historic Overview – Funding

C.   North Coast Railroad Authority Board Issues and Initiatives  

           1.  North Coast Railroad Authority Executive Director

        2.  North Coast Railroad Authority Accounting Plan

                       3.  The Railroad is Not Operating     

                       4.  Environmental Issues

                       5.  The Importance of the State of California’s Legislators, Local             

          Governments and Agencies

D.   Planning for the Future


SUPPLEMENT TO FIVE YEAR PLAN (Adopted October 20, 1999)



A.    Local Governments Support For NCRA

B.    Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation, and Conservation District 

        Resolutions in Support of NCRA

       C.    Letters of Support from Shippers Sent to CTC

E.      Convention and Visitors Bureau, Chamber of Commerce Letters of Support

F.      Members of California Legislature Support For NCRA

G.     Excerpts from the 1998 California Transportation Plan, Statewide Goods   

        Movement Strategy

H.     Problems Inherent in Truck Service to Humboldt County

  Letter, Humboldt County Truck Versus Rail Analysis, Humboldt County      

  Trucking Analysis

I.       Excerpts from CTC 1998 Annual Report to California Legislature

  Possible Means of Address the PTA Shortfall, Revisiting Self-Help

J.       Business Plan Information References

K.      Northwestern Pacific Railroad Map and Time Table Station List