FRIDAY, MAY 21, 1999, 2:00 PM



  1. Call to Order

    The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Chairman Allan Hemphill.

  2. Roll Call

    Directors present: Chairman Allan Hemphill, 1st Vice Chairman Dennis Wood,

    Robert Jehn, John Stokes, David Nelson, and Ruth Rockefeller. Also present

    were Property Manager Cyndee Logan and General Counsel Christopher J. Neary.

    Directors absent: Jack McKellar.

  3. Agenda Approval

    Ms. Rockefeller requested the addition of a discussion on the fiber optic deal, more specifically, a letter written to commend Ms. Logan, Lake Management, for her participation in the deal. Mr. Hemphill said he would write the letter.

  4. Conduct of Business
    1. Approval of Herzog Contract Amendment

      Motion by Ms. Rockefeller to open discussion. Seconded by Mr. Wood. Mr. Hemphill reported an amendment to the Herzog’s contract is necessary to allow Herzog to receive Proposition 116 funds because the damaged tie count is significantly higher than previously thought. Mr. Nelson expressed concern about the ability to amend the contract without publishing a Request for Proposals. Mr. Neary informed Mr. Nelson that the Herzog contract was let as a sole source contract, therefore, a Request for Proposals is unnecessary. Mr. Neary reported the designation of an Improved Project in the Schellville Block allows Herzog to work concurrently on FEMA sites with other project sites. Vote taken. Motion carried.

    2. Approval of Rail-Ways, Inc. Contract Amendment

      Mr. Neary reported the same issues that surround the Herzog contract in Item D.1. apply to the Rail-Ways, Inc. contract with the addition of a defined scope of work. (Included as Attachment 1) Rail-Ways, Inc.’s contract currently includes the signal contract, however, the contract does not exceed $886,990. The contract needs to reflect the signal work is to be paid from AB2782 funds and Public Utilities Commission funds. A re-cap of monies received or available for track restoration are as follows: NWPRA $250,000; Proposition 116 $756,000; Office of Emergency Services $1,900,000; AB2782 $165,000; and the PUC program $89,000. Motion by Mr. Wood. Seconded by Mr. Jehn. Vote taken. Motion carried.

    3. Approval of Resolution NCRA 1999-21 Reallocation of CTC Budget

      Mr. Mustola reported this proposed resolution will correct discrepancies found in the California Transportation Commission’s final allocation of AB2782 funds with the budgeted amount approved prior by the NCRA. Motion by Mr. Jehn. Seconded by Mr. Nelson. Vote taken. Motion carried.

    4. Approval of Resolution NCRA 1999-22 Reallocation of TCI Funds

Mr. Hemphill reported the proposed resolution will bring NCRA into compliance in terms of funding the Q-fund by reallocating $811,000 of Transit Capital Improvement funds. Motion by Mr. Jehn. Seconded by Ms. Rockefeller. Vote taken. Motion carried.

  1. Public Comment

    Ms. Logan, Lake Management and Mr. Jehn discussed meeting with the California Transportation Commission concerning the NCRA 5-Year Business Plan.

  2. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 2:33 p.m.