JULY 18, 2001 9:00 A.M.






A.                 CALL TO ORDER

               The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am.


B.                 ROLL CALL 

                Directors present: Dir. Hemphill and Dir. Opalach.

Directors absent: Dir. Schlienger.

            Also present:  Executive Director Max H Bridges, Assistant Executive Director Douglas   

Christy, and Accountant Wade Fulton, with Legal Counsel Christopher J Neary arriving  

during the meeting.  


C.                 AGENDA APPROVAL

            The Agenda was approved as written.            


D.                PUBLIC COMMENTS

John Mayfield, President of California Western Railroad, asked the Board to consider his agency when contracting for future excursion service.


E.                 CONDUCT OF BUSINESS

            1.          Inventory of Passenger Equipment

 Dir. Hemphill reported receiving a list of NCRA’s passenger equipment with the  

 objective of getting out of the maintenance and ownership of equipment.


                2.          Status of Disposition of Passenger Equipment

Dir. Hemphill reported the Board approved selling the “Meecham Cars” once  

title is cleared and the Board adopts a “Disposition of Public Assets” policy.  The 

less expensive cars have also brought in low offers. 


            3.         Quantity, Ownership, and Condition of Passenger Equipment

Dir. Hemphill asked staff to investigate the status of an unauthorized sale of five cars by a previous staff member and if the purchaser was refunded under the Traffic Congestion Relief Program debt reduction funds.  Mr. Meyers, California Redwood Coast Company (CRCC), expressed interest in the following passenger equipment: all the Daylight Cars, five service cars, three in Scotia, three in the Willits yard, and one in Healdsburg.  Dir. Hemphill recommended Mr. Neary review and provide an inventory of alterations to the contract with CRCC. 




4.        Consider Recommendations for NCRA’s Board of Directors on the  

Disposition of Passenger Equipment

There will be no recommendation pending resolution of the outstanding issues.


5.                  General Policy Discussion on the Disposition of Assets

Mr. Neary is working towards development of a formal policy for the Board to adopt regarding disposition of surplus public assets although the decision was made to sell the passenger equipment.  However, Mr. Meyers will write requesting delay of a decision by the Board on the disposition of the Daylight cars.


6.                  Use of a Consultant for Development of Policy in the Solicitation of Future Passenger Service Agreements

Dir. Opalach reported conversing with Randy Gustafson of Stone Consulting because the Board authorized $2,500 to retain the services of a professional in preparing a matrix by which to select passenger service providers.  Dir. Opalach recommended meeting with those agencies interested in providing service to discern concerns of each as preliminary work for Stone Consulting to consider in providing an adequate process.



             The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 a.m.