Friday, March 7th, 2003  


Willits City Council Chambers

111 E. Commercial Street, Willits, Mendocino County, California



A.                 CALL TO ORDER – at 2:22 pm.


B.                 ROLL CALL 

Committee Members present:  Bob Simonson, Budge Campbell, and Leo Sears.

Also present:  Executive Director Doug Christy, Outgoing Administrative Assistant Louise Evans, and Incoming Executive Assistant Dina Polkinghorne


C.                 AGENDA APPROVAL

Director Simonson moved to accept the agenda, moving item E.4 to position E.2. None opposed, motion carried. 


D.                PUBLIC COMMENTS







1.         Consideration of donating Mobile Crane EUKA6 to Mendocino County Museum
Executive Director Christy reported that the Mendocino County Museum has requested that the Mobile Crane EUKA6 be donated to the Museum. Director Campbell expressed concern that the crane be logged as surplus first and that staff look into procedural policy regarding donations of surplus.


Director Campbell moved that the Property Management Committee find, upon the assurance of staff that all the appropriate procedures for disclosing and surplusing are obtained and followed, that we recommend the disposition of the crane to the museum. Director Simonson 2nd, none opposed. Motion carried.  




2.         Consideration of “Ukiah NWP Rail Trail Project Feasibility Study”

Rick Seanor, City of Ukiah Deputy Director of Public Works and Dave Lohse, City of Ukiah Associate Planner, spoke to the committee regarding a proposed bike trail within city limits, along the NCRA railroad between Brush Street and Talmage Road. They asked the committee for input on this issue and pointed out that this proposal was only at the feasibility level. 


Director Campbell moved that the committee finds merit with the “Ukiah NWP Rail Trail Project Feasibility Study” and that the full Board of Directors review it at a future meeting. Director Simonson 2nd, none opposed. Motion carried.  


3.       Consideration of Spy Rock Land Purchase

A plot of land owned by the NCRA is directly under a house at Spy Rock. The property owner of the home has expressed interest in purchasing the land underneath her house. Director Campbell stated that sub dividing land is very expensive and probably would cost more than what the land is worth. Director Sears stated that the request does not fit with NCRA Property Management Policy.


Director Spears moved to deny consideration of the Spy Rock land purchase. Director Simonson 2nd, none opposed. Motion carried. 


4.          Consideration of abandonment/sale of land along A & MR

A property owner adjacent to the A and MR line requested abandonment or sale of land. However, as reported by Mr. Christy the rail was never abandoned, only dismantled. Director Sears stated that the rail cannot be abandoned as a matter of policy, but leasing the land may be a possibility.


Director Simonson moved that the consideration of abandonment and sale of land along the A & MR be tabled further to consider leasing possibility. Director Campbell 2nd, none opposed. Motion carried. 







5.           Discussion concerning increasing property revenues


a.        Current Lease Revenue


The Executive Director reported that 310 requests for revenue have been mailed out. One third of those have come back with issues and will need additional research.


b.        Staffing


The Executive Director recommended that additional staffing be procured to assist with ongoing property management issues – either part-time help or a university intern. Director Campbell suggested contacting a local engineer in regards to pro bono work. No other direction was given.


c.        Billboards


Executive Director Christy reported that there may be some potential revenue available by leasing property along the rail to billboard advertisers. There was discussion regarding local sign ordinances and the possibility of illegal signage within various municipalities. The Committee directed staff to look into board policy regarding billboard advertising. If there is no language pertaining to this in current policy then the committee will draft an amendment. 






G.        ADJOURNMENT       3:35 PM