Friday, May 16th, 2003  



419 Talmage Rd Suite M, Ukiah Mendocino County, California



A.                 CALL TO ORDER – at 11:00 am.


B.                 ROLL CALL 

Committee Members present:  Bob Simonson and Leo Sears.

Also present:  Executive Director Doug Christy, Executive Assistant Dina Polkinghorne


C.                 AGENDA APPROVAL

Upon motion by Director Sears, 2nd by Director Simonson, and carried

(2-0), the agenda was approved with the following changes: Under Item E “Conduct of Business” change E.3 to “Equipment Donation” and move old number E.3 to E.4. 


D.                PUBLIC COMMENTS





1.         Approval of Lease Extension – 419 Talmage Rd.
Executive Director Christy reported that the lease for the NCRA offices will be up in June, but the Ukiah Depot renovations will not be completed by that date.


The committee directed staff to extend the lease another six months.



2.         Consideration of Property Acquisition Proposals

a. A & MR Parcels 

Mr. Christy reported that he is aware of the policy in regards to property sales, but he still wanted to bring every offer to the committee. The first offer was a piece of land along the A & MR. There was a discussion on whether the land had any value to railroad operations. Director Sears offered to talk to Bruce Taylor, the person making the offer, because he has an established relationship with this person.

The committee recommended that Director Sears look into the matter further.


b. Property adjourning Eel River Bridge on Laytonville/Dos Rios Road


The committee determined that this was not an offer to purchase, but actually a temporary use request that can be handled by staff.


3.       Equipment Donations

Mr. Baldo of Roots of Motive Power has formally requested a donation of equipment. There was a discussion on potential scrap value revenue and the reality that there is no scrap dealer willing to come and haul it out, rendering it essentially value-less. There was further discussion regarding the historical value.


The committee directed staff to create a memo asserting that the equipment has no residual value or use for the railroad or monetary value for the NCRA, and further state approval for the donation of equipment to Roots of Motive Power, a non-profit group.


4.          Property Management Function

Mr. Christy went over a draft spreadsheet he created for the CTC, for a scenario where there is no railroad operating and property revenue becoming the sole source of revenue. There was further discussion regarding the current property revenue, and how the NCRA has fallen short of its goal on a year-to-date basis, due to the fact that there is no active staff member managing the property.  Mr. Christy suggested that the NCRA could easily hire a receptionist/secretary for a reasonable wage and that current Executive Assistant, Dina Polkinghorne, could take on this function.


The committee recommended that Ms. Polkinghorne take over the administrative operations of property management and directed staff to come up with a salary structure that could resolve the property management and office infrastructure issues.






G.        ADJOURNMENT       11:55 AM