August 1, 2003 12:40 PM






A.                  CALL TO ORDER

Chair Simonson called the meeting to order at 12:40 pm.


B.                  ROLL CALL

Directors Present: Chair Robert Simonson, Budge Campbell and Leo Sears.

Also Present:  Interim Executive Director Rick Kennedy, Office Manager Dina Polkinghorne and Recording Secretary Heather Newell.


C.                  AGENDA APPROVAL

Upon Motion by Director Sears, 2nd by Director Campbell, and carried (3-0) the committee approved the agenda as presented.


D.                  PUBLIC COMMENTS

No public comments.


E.                   CONDUCT OF BUISNESS


1.      Presentation by the Ukiah Skate Park Committee Regarding Potential Lease for Skate Park on Railroad Property.


A Ukiah Skate Park presentation was made by Ukiah City Councilmember Paul Anderson and City of Ukiah Community Services Director, Larry Deknoblough. The City of Ukiah would like to secure a site from the NCRA, which is adjacent to the Ukiah Depot for a skate park, either through a sale or lease with an option to purchase the land in the future.  (The site in question is currently in a long-term escrow arrangement between the NCRA and Union Pacific, with title clearing to the NCRA once UP addresses some contamination issues. At this time NCRA has a surface easement only.)  The site is centrally located, available to mass transit, has high visibility and would enhance the downtown area.  By unanimous agreement, the Committee requested a formal proposal from the Skate Park Committee and the City of Ukiah.


2. Consideration of Property Acquisition Proposals


a.       A & MR Parcels


A letter was sent to NCRA from attorney Richard Smith, representing his client Blue Lakes Forest Products.  They have requested a deeded right-of-way or purchase of property along the A & MRR.  Upon motion by Director Campbell, 2nd by Chair Sears, and carried (3-0) the committee suggested that a formal proposal detailing exactly what the site will be used for be presented to the committee before any action can be taken.


3.  Discussion Concerning Billboard Fee Increases


Office Manager, Dina Polkinghorne suggested that the NCRA amend its Property Management Fee Schedule to include a flat fee for existing billboard leases.  Upon motion by Director Campbell, 2nd by Chair Simonson, and carried (3-0) the Committee agreed to leave the rate increases up to staff for action by the full board.


4.      Consideration of Grant of Easements, Mendocino County Water Agency


Interim Executive Director, Rick Kennedy reported that the Mendocino County Water       Agency requested an approximate cost for a grant of easement for a pipeline along the tracks to transport water for future development.  The committee directed staff to draft a letter to the Mendocino County Water Agency indicating a general dollar amount for the type of pipeline easement they would need and that a formal proposal be presented to the committee before any easement could be granted.


5.       Staff Report


a.       Collections Update


Dina Polkinghorne updated the Committee on the property revenue collected for fiscal year 02-03 and the efforts to bring all leases up to date.






Director Campbell stated for the record how much he appreciates everything both Rick Kennedy and Dina Polkinghorne have done for the NCRA. 


G.                 ADJOURN

Meeting was adjourned at 2:30 pm by Chair Simonson.